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    When it loses connection it is usually because you are trying to syn large files (over 1mb) try customizing your hotsync to make sure that no megafiles are being synced and see if that crashses.
    No, the problem was butler once it was gone no more hotsync problems. And even if it was large files I would still like to be able to sync them. Removing them or not syncing them is not a solution its a bandaid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phildro
    For those of you who run Butler, I have identified it as being a cause of the Hotync reset problem.

    If you disable most, if not all of Butler's functions, you can sync reliably with no resets.

    I realize you may have other problems, but Butler was it for me. I know that CV is working on a way to disable it during the sync process.
    I used to have frequent random hotsync crashes. The crashes would often occur when I was syncing large files and I really couldn't figure out what was wrong. It turned out that it was "butler." After removing "butler" I have absolutely no more crashes. Your post in the "Treo Utilities" thread is where I first heard about this, so thanks.
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    i have to agree that butler was the culprit for me too!
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    I too had to delete trusty Butler (v 2.4) because of the Sync issue.

    I am sure CV will figure it out once he gets his GSM 650, but I really enjoyed the functionality the app provided.

    It's too bad b/c I like many others have been using it since the Beta, "TreoButler" days.

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    Ditto here, life without Butler has been more stable. But I miss it. I hope CV can get it fixed soon!
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