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    Every few times I try to answer an incoming call (by pressing the touchscreen) my system does a soft reset.

    Some programs I've installed include: Chatter, Clean-up, Docs to go, Fretboard, KeyCap, MPG, Nexus Dictionary, Phontuner, SoundRec, Uninstall, Zlauncher, Real Player, eReader, and Adobe Reader.

    Anyone have a clue as to the culprit?
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    Wait - the TREO 650 is a phone too? Where's that function?

    Seriously, it would appear from the plethora of posts that Zlauncher, KeyCap and some others aren't the most stable with the 650. It might not be "one" application, but the combination of a few causing the glitch
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    For me, when I deleted BackupMan (even the latest beta) the crashing stopped. She's runs smooooooth now!
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    I have the same problem but it is intermittent. I have the BackupMan Beta, Chatter, KeyCaps, Butler, Docs to Go and some others. I am trying to isolate the problem before I start placing blame. I'll post if and when I figure it out.
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    My crash happens when I miss a call. Don't have any of the aforementioned apps loaded on my 650...hmmm....
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    I'm also experiencing soft resets when answering calls. I have DocsToGo, ZLauncher, Express, Flight Status, Tube, and a few others. However, this has just started happening and the latest software installed is Express and the latest version of ZLauncher. Perhaps its one of them...
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    I'm currently waiting for my THIRD mobile phone in the mail becuase of this problem. After lots of hours talking to Palm's gang in Bangalore all they've been able to do is swap phone out. Sounds like a serious firmware issue to me. I never even added a third party application to the second phone I had.

    Very troubling to see this kind of issue at this stage in the product's evolution.
    I'm not saying that all of the bashing on this site is justified, but I empathize with the frustration. Let's hope the third time is the charm, or that the firmware gets fixed soon.
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    What error message is shown when you dail #*377 after the reset?
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    Something about a crash ocurring in the phone application.
    I don't have a 650 right now, I am awaiting my replacement unit on Monday...
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    Mine stopped doing this after swapping a G sim card for an A sim card.

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