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    I am a Verizon customer and use their Wireless Sync software with my Treo 600. I have made the decision to purchase a different email client to increase my effectiveness in using email from my Treo (either going to get Snappermail or VersaMail 2.7). My question then becomes, how to do I remove the standard email client my VZN Treo came with and stop Wireless Sync from pushing my email? I appreciate everyone's help!
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    I am also a Verizon customer using their Wireless Sync software. I am currently running the trial version of Snappermail and I think I will end up purchasing it. If I do this I 'll want to remove WS to free up hard memory on my 600.

    Has anyone removed Wireless Sync just by the default delete app method through the main menu or is there something else to watch out for? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    tropicaffair - are thinking about removing the whole WS program? i was thinking about just removing the email function, but keeping the calendar, task & memo functions active. Anyone know if i can do that? i got to think i can - take the mail program off my treo & then set as the default function on the web site not to push any email to me. thoughts?
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    These are the installed files but they don't all appear on the delete apps screen.

    From the application delete screen on the Palm, delete both Wireless Sync entries. After that, delete anything left from the above list.

    BTW, I deleted everything once to to upgrade and the upgrade resulted in a gain of 1MB of memory! I'm thinking that the email is like some systems where it grows and grows but never shrinks without doing a "compact". The only way to free up deleted space is to delete and reinstall. I don't know this for sure but this is my experience.

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