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    Please share your top 5 with us.

    Top 5 things I love:

    1. Video/Color is superb. Finally, I can watch my Seinfeld episodes on my Treo
    2. Madden 2004 for Treo!
    3. Bluetooth Headset support...yes! no wires.
    4. All of my programs from 600 still works! woo-hoo
    5. I can actually use the camera now, resolution is much better.

    Top 5 things I hate:
    1. VersaMail sucks! It crashes my phone too often when I delete my mail.
    2. Memory management is terrible! I had to copy most of my apps to the SD card, in order to have enough memory to run the Treo correctly.
    3. The Bluetooth is cool, but sometimes I forget I have it on and it automatically picks up the phone. I end up saying hello via the phone, when the person is actually talking to me on the headset.
    4. The delay time after you push a button to make a call, receive a call, etc. is unacceptable. I have wait before I press again, if I think I didn't press it the first time. Very noticeable compare to 600.
    5. I can't use any of the old AC/Car adapters, nor does it support the 600 retractable charge and sync cables. One more thing to wait for and buy.
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    Hey Jack,
    I too want to play my seinfeld episodes on the new 650, and was wondering what you use to watch/convert the episodes? I used Kinoma on the 600 but dont want to pay $30 to upgrade. Mmplayer never really synced audio and video well. the audio always lagged. If you use these what settings do you use? Thanks so much!
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    pocket dvd for power pc or palm all the way.
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    I used Pocket DVD Studio:
    It's $32, but at least the trial version works well for short-short clips.

    You don't need mmplayer. You can just use the players that comes with the Treo 650. Just simply drag the AVI file into the Palm Desktop Multimedia section, and open the video from Pics&Video on the Treo.
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    Jack - you can do that - but I have found the downsampling to be extremely inferior with sound and video looking like a roughly 80K stream type..
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamCraig
    Jack - you can do that - but I have found the downsampling to be extremely inferior with sound and video looking like a roughly 80K stream type..
    that is what I heard too. sam, what do you use? what settings?
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    Top 5 things I love:
    1. The screen resolution!! Good lord this thing is nice! (And still makes a good flashlight! Not as bright as the 600, but the keyboard makes up for it. )
    2. Home and Menu buttons are much easier to reach.
    3. The camera!! I won't complain about the 640x480 resolution anymore. Maybe I'm just comparing it to the grainy bluish 600, but these pictures are nice!
    4. Blazer -- I'd swear this thing is faster. Still gotta fix my home page to work with it though.
    5. Bluetooth -- headset, hotsync, and gps! woo hoo!

    Top 5 things I hate:
    1. The reset button is still a pain in the neck to reach. No more unscrewing the stylus, but now we have to take the battery cover off.
    2. Picture program is very nice, but very slow when reading off the SD card.
    3. No protective case in the box, not even a basic slipcase.
    4. Memory is too darn low. Fortunately this has not yet been an issue with me thanks to PowerRUN. I've got a gazillion apps and 10mb free. But sooner or later this may become an issue. PowerRUN should be included with every Treo!!
    5. Can only set the background screen (so far as I can tell) on one screen of the calendar app. (I don't count the phone app since it covers up the keypad.) This 320x320 screen (better than my girlfriend's Pocket PC!) is too nice too go to waste.

    I didn't count the cheesy screen cover that comes with the 650 because they didn't have to include ANY screen cover. And this one is protecting my screen until my Crystal Boxwave screen arrives.

    The multitude of negative comments (many of them justified) on this board made me expect disappointment, but so far it hasn't happened. I'm very happy with my 650!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetBack3
    that is what I heard too. sam, what do you use? what settings?

    I use IMToo dvd ripper (if I am pulling off a dvd) and then VirtualDub to dumb it down to divx avi/smaller bitrate, etc

    If it's video from TV/VHS or whatever, I just capture it using my canopus card and save as AVI, then use the VirtualDub prog

    As for the settings.. I'm at work and don't have the exact ones - but I used the ones on the mmplayer's homepage as a jumping off point
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    Interesting Sam, I'll have to try that!

    The video is still so much better than the Treo though regardless of the downsampling.

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