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    I bought a Standard Headphone to Treo 650 size (2.5mm) from Radio shack. It seems to work well, but it is big and long (straight).

    I bought the Palmone adapter from Dan'scellphones, but it is very staticky. Anyone else notice this? Did I get a defective unit?

    I have some Shure e3c headphones, so I don't really want to purchase new headphones.

    Anyone have any other suggestions for adapters or cables that would make this better?

    Also, I noticed that inserting the headphone adapter into the treo causes the voice dial application to be started.
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    You might have gotten a defective unit. Mine works fine.
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    I got the headphone adapter from TreoCentral Store, and it causes really loud static if I brush against the adapter, or rotate it its in socket. Is the PalmOne adapter any better?

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