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    I am looking to get a camcorder app for my 600 (sprint).

    IYO what is the best app out there for this? I would like to me able to put the recorded movies on my PC during Sync, as well as share them with other Vison users. I also prefer soudn to be recorded as well.

    Im hoping there ia a prog out there that can do all this... if not let me know what will work best. I have Tried mMovie and its okay.. but I cant get the clips on my PC.

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    MovieRec is a nice free program that will allow you to record (with sound) movies to your Treo using the built-in camera.

    There's even a converter to get it onto your PC, but it doesn't have the ability to transfer the sound yet.
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    It seems to speed up the video when it is converted. The program is called 'mvrec2mpeg-gui'
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