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    List of added programs having NO trouble on my Visor:

    UPDATED 05DEC99-

    2000crisis v. 1- free. Countdown to Y2K (handy). (deleted because another program does the same thing and more).

    3Alarm- okay, but other programs are better, i.e. BigClock. (deleted program)

    Atool v. .90- free. Good tool.

    AutoBase v. 1.3.2- free. Unlimited entries and not a bad program. Kar Kare II is better, but you have to pay for it.

    AvantGo v. 3.1.152- free. Good, but it takes up mucho space; however, you can download ANYTHING to read off the web with this and then it stores in an easy-to-read and highly visible fashion.

    Benchmark v. 1- free. Test your Visor speed.

    BigClock v. 2.3- free. Great!

    Cap- free. Used to tell me Capacitor values.

    CASLrt- free. Used with 2000crisis. (deleted)

    CSpotRun v. .8- free. Now works fine, but
    do not have it installed when TealDoc is installed.

    Currency v. 3.0b- free. Easy to set up and update daily (if you wish). Nice little program.

    DateMate v. 1.6 R2- Trial version, is cool.

    Days Off v. 1- free. Also puts it into your datebook.

    DBCleaner v. 1- free. Goes through ALL your files if you want to delete stuff.

    Dbscan v. 2.0- Whenever you delete something, it leaves behind “trash”. Dbscan removes the trash.

    Earth & Sun v. 1.1- free. Nice. Tells the user lat & long, plus sunrise/sunset anywhere.

    Electronics v. 1.3- free. Too cool.

    EVPlugBase v. 1.0b1- free. free. free.!!!
    Tried hackmaster, this is better (IMHO).

    Found Me? v. 1- free. Puts up message for someone finding your PDA.

    HandyShop v. 1.7- free. VERY nice for more than just grocery lists.

    HanDBase- Do not have any databases put into it yet, so can't make a comment.

    IOU Mate v. 1- free. Keeps track of who owes you and who you owe. Nice.

    IrMonitor v. .5- free. Check your remotes to see how strong the IR signal is.

    Kar Kare 2 v. 2.0- Trial…not bad. (deleted program)

    Lighting v. 1.1- free. When lighting strikes, push a button; when you hear the thunder push button again- your distance to the lighting is instantly flashed on the screen. Has an adjustment for temperature, too. Kinda neat!

    Matrix v. 1.25- free! The ultra cool (if you are a Matrix fan) app. It is a security app that's simple and easy to use, but you've simply got to at least check it out.

    Moon v. 1- free.

    Moon Phase v. 1.5- free.

    Mspiral v. 1.5.0- free. You watch it and then look at your hand for kinda cool special effect.

    PITI Calc v. 1.0- free. Figure out what your mortgage will cost.

    Pocket C v. 3.0.1- free. Have not used yet, but will see in the future.

    PocketChess v. 1.1- trial. GREAT!

    PocketSutra v. 1.1- free. Awesome!

    Quotes v. 1.0- free. Words to live by.

    Reminder 2.0-free. Simple to use and does a
    good job of reminding you of everything.

    Remote v. 1.15 Beta- trail. Get the Visor version or else no worky!

    Secret! v. 2.4- trial. Very secure w/128-bit encryption and easy to input password

    Serial Watch v. 1.0- free. Keep track of all your stuff.

    Showtimes v. .4- free. Download your areas movies and times.

    TealDoc- trial. (deleted so I could use CSpotRun).

    Volume v. 2.0- free. Useful.

    Downloaded the following to read:

    Car Repair Tips
    Chap 1- Upper Resp. Infection
    China Falun Gong
    Dream Symbols
    Essential for further advancment of China Falun Gong
    List of Phobias
    Phrases and codes to Success
    Pilot Drug Book
    Tealdoc Manual
    U.S. States Information
    Undocumented Palm Info 2
    Upper Limbs
    Whimps to winners (yeah, I have real problems there)
    Zhaun Falun, Lectures 1-9

    The above were almost all free and are great to read.

    Programs causing problems:


    Good Hacks:
    3Alarm- free. shrugs shoulders (deleted it)

    AfterBurner v. 2.0- free! GREAT, but keep it below 22%- makes your Visor much faster, but eats up your batteries quicker, too

    Case Toggle v. .9c- free.

    Invert v 1.0- free.

    Logo- free. Make your 160 X 160 logo to put on your splash screen when powering up.

    MiddleCaps v. 2.6- free.

    NoStreak v. 1.3- free. ??? Not sure if this is even useful.

    Teal Echo v. 1.43- free. Very useful ‘cause it lets you see what you are writing on the silkscreen.

    Padlock v. 1.5- free. Very sharp and a must have.

    TealLens- free. (deleted)

    Voltage Calibration v. 1.0- free. Very useful 'cause it corrcts the Visors slightly off voltage sensor.

    Voltage Display v. 1.1- free. VERY useful 'cause it shows exact voltage vice %

    Hacks causing problems:

    Daylight Savings- used v. 2.1 and v. 2.1.1 and both seemed to cause problems.

    Other things-

    Hot Synching: If the batteries are low, a.u. 10-15%, Hot Synching becomes iffy. Putting the Visor in the cradle while pushing the Hot Sync button is bad (I noticed it's best to just use one hand). Not seating the Visor in the cradle properly will yield poor results, too. Having a Sync log window in the Palm Desktop stops a hotsync as well.

    I only offer this post so people still leery or still learning can get an idea of what is okay to add to their Visor. If anyone wants to add more apps, I’m all eyes and ears ‘cause I’d love to find even more programs which can be of some use or value to me.

    BTW guys, if an App is not listed here, please don't think the program is no good or something. These are just things I wanted to check out and some of the programs out there are just not useful to me, but I'm sure are useful to others. Thanks for the feedback.

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    re: the daylight savings hack. i could be wrong but...i do believe that the world clock program will take care of the daylight savings time for you.

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    What problems are you having with CSpotRun? Works fine on mine (and many others).

    James Hromadka
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    It says I need "version 2.78 of TealDoc" to work. Am I doing something wrong? I have the latest version of Teal Doc (trial) and tried installing and re-installing Cspotrun and when it comes up, there is mostly a bunch of garbage I cannot read.

    If you want to handhold my handheld, I'd be much obliged. Thanks.
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    I'm new to the PDA world, havent ordered one yeat but will most likely get the Visor Dlx. Im excited about the potential of these units.

    You say there are problems with Handbase? What are the bugs? Im looking at just that one (need a relational database).

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    Matt: Okay, understand something- I am not a developer, programmer or even a techie- I just read the instructions like everyone else and go from there. On my Visor, going into HanDBase caused a fatal error.

    I judge programs pretty simply. If they install with no problem, and then work with no problem(s), then they are GTG; if not, then they just don't. After reading hundreds of posts here, and in other areas, I've concluded a solid program works no matter what (unless you tweak the processor like in Afterburner which BTW makes your Visor act freaky after 22 Mhz) and it works with ANY program. Nevertheless, I took all the programs which caused a problem and did a fresh install after doing a hard reset on my Visor (just to see what happened).

    The version of HanDBase I got could have been faulty, so I downloaded another one and it, too, caused a fatal error. If memory serves, HanDBase was the first program which caused me to have to re-install everything (the first and only time 'cause the rest I did for experiments sake).

    TrekSounds is another one which caused a fatal error, but I was using the trial version and the trial parts were fine. When I tried to access the full-version areas, my Visor locked up- soft reset to fix. I guess I could add exactly what I did to cause the areas, but I'd have to re-install the programs and take notes, and I am not that interested in it, but if you guys want to know, I guess I could.

    *changed the text a bit because I looked line an ***** with those typos. Sorry.

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    Regarding CSpotRun, are you opening DOC files or Teal files? You may need to remove TealDoc and the DOC files, install CSpotRun, install DOC files, test in CSR.

    I haven't used TealDoc so I don't know what it does to DOC files.

    James Hromadka
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    I use hanDbase on a daily basis (I'm a teacher and use it as a gradebook) and have no trouble with it. I have been using it all four weeks I've had my Visor now, and it works fine. I'm using 2.0 for info.'s sake.

    (FWIW, I have ~7MB of stuff installed, with about 10 hacks. I've had the fatal errors several times, but never has the offender been HanDbase.)

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    What about Handscape? It gives me an error and a reset everytime I try to run it. Comments on other launcher replacements?
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    Solo (and others),

    VisorCentral already has an Incompatibility List that you can submit problems and fixes for programs.

    Please include the following information:
    --Name and version of program (and url you got it from)
    --What causes problem (running the program, clicking on find, etc.)
    --Complete error message text (if applicable)
    --Damage done (did it require a soft or hard reset)
    --Fix available?

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    I have been using Launch'Em for almost a year. I used it on my Palm III and V and now on my Visor Deluxe. It provides a tab interface to access your apps. It also has a great toolbar that accesses battery and memory info and frequently used functions (like backlight toggle, off&lock, etc.). It is great program and frequently updated by Synergy Solutions ( It has caused no problems whatsoever on my Visor Deluxe.
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    I too am finding Launch'em to be a program that I am not sure I would live without (well that sounds extreme heh).

    Games that have caused me problems:

    The Mad Baloon

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    Another problem when you get under the 15% voltage is if you try to use OmniRemote while your backlight is on, the Visor automatically turns off. Probably the backlight and the IR are too much of a draw at the lower voltage level.
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    I can confirm the problem with the Daylight Savings Time hack.
    After unstalling it and another hack, I started seeing a fatal error. I uninstalled the other hack and still had the problem. After uninstalling the DST hack, my fatal error problem went away.
    And, regarding a comment by an earlier poster, I don't think the World Clock does take care of DST. I could be wrong.
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    I'm the author of HanDBase, and just wanted to chime in to see if anyone else had any troubles with HanDBase on their Visor. We have two Visors here at DDH Software and use them regularly with HanDBase without a single difficulty. There have been dozens of users reporting in with the same result, and Matt's post is the first to imply any sort of incompatibility or problem with it. So please do let me know if you have a problem with it, as I'd certainly like to fix any incompatibility immediately.

    On another note, Matt mentioned that in his experience, good solid applications run on ANY system. While this may be true in many cases, there are certain limitations that the OS has that people use some crafty programming to work around. For example, I can count about 3 bugs in the Palm OS' table handling that require workarounds of some type. Of course, if they go and fix these problems, people's workarounds may or may not still work. This happened when the Palm OS started supporting the DragonBall EZ processor. Suddenly, the redraw a cell routine could no longer nest, so some cells that use calculated fields were not being redrawn correctly in HanDBase on these new systems. I don't really think this was poor programming on the part of HanDBase, but the problem did exist when the first Dragonball EZ products were released, and I had to scramble to get it fixed right away. So please don't dismiss a program as not being solid if it doesn't run on a new processor, there may be other issues at hand.

    Take care!

    Dave Haupert
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    I'm a big fan of ExpensePlus and used it exclusively on my Newtons. I just installed version 1.06 it on my Visor Deluxe. It works great. The only problem, according to the developer, is that Handspring altered the OS in such a was as to affect the display contrast when launching the app. Since I depend on this program a lot it's no big problem to change contrast back to my preferred setting going into or out of the program. Version 1.07 with the contrast fix is due out soon and will be posted on their site
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    So far no problems with MoneyMinder 1.2. Very happy with it, actually.
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    Where do you get Money Minder?

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