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    I wanted to see how many people used their device for a business they own, and wanted to ask if that is the ONLY phone you have?

    Here is my reasoning...

    I am starting a business, and want to use the Treo 650 as my only phone. Now the only problem I see with this is no one can stay on hold on the phone. Well, not that I know of.

    Right now I am going to be the CEO, and main person everyone talks too at first until I can get to the point where I can quit my other job and do this full time.

    I just feel like I would be letting people down by saying.... Thank you for calling........ All of our representatives are currently busy with other customers, please leave your name # and a brief message and someone will call you back shortly.

    It would be nice to just be able to stay on the line, but that aint gonna happen.

    I just wanted to see how many of you deal with this, or have any suggestions.
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    I own two restaurants, each one across town from the other and I have a home office for ordering and payroll and books and P&L's and food cost analysis and scheduling and employee records and so on...

    My T600 is my rolodex for suppliers, restaurant repair services, refrigeration guys, HVAC people etc.

    When in my home office I forward my cel calls to an IDENTICALL number that I subscribe to at home so that when the home number rings as 2 long rings I know that it's a business call and can answer it appropriately.

    I would not be able to operate without 2 telco lines at each restaurant and 2 at the home office and the T600 is the icing on the cake...
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    I own a property management company, I use to carry a cell phone, digital camera, pda in my purse, 24/7. Life is much easier with the T650. I forward land line to cell.
    The memory is an issue, but you can work around it. The quality of the phone has to be improved, this is serious. The pda would be heaven with the extra memory. I would hope with the next upgrade it is 128 or more. I am begining to wonder if palm really understands what they have, if they get it right. I would be willing to shell out $800 for the right combo. It is the heart of my business. Palm are you listening???
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    Rottie is right - with more memory and a stronger cell radio (INTERNAL ANTENNAE PLEASE) I'd drop all my land lines and go cellular. Until then, I'd keep at least one land line available for business.
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    Cool, I did get some info about VOIP from a guy who writes for Entrepreneur Mag. Here is what he had to say....... I totally forgot about VOIP. Guess that could work, just doesn't really solve the issue of letting people stay on hold, but that's not really a big deal I guess. I would rather get a call back then to stay on hold for ever.

    what you want to do is entirely possible if you sign up for voice over broadband service from a company like Vonage,
    8x8, AT&T or Covad. Voicemail and the ability to forward calls to another landline or cellphone number are pretty
    standard capabilities included in the base price for all VoIP phone services. So are many other call control features
    such as the ability to designate certain phone numbers for special handling or forwarding and the freedom to pick
    your area code so your number is a local call for most of your customers. Another common capability: getting voicemail
    and email in the same Web-based inbox you can check from any Internet-connected device, including a Treo.

    Prices start at around $15 a month at Vonage and all the others are very competitive with all their prices
    headed southward over time.
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    I run a small consulting business and I use my Treo as the main phone, and everything else.

    I have a network in my office, but my Treo goes eveywhere with me!
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    I too use my treo 650 for my biz, as a graduate student in physics.
    I am also using the palm client of labview to control my experiment remotely through my treo. If i get this to work my 650 well,,, you know... :-)
    I'll win the uber geek of the year award. I keep everything from my financial data, my grants, my important documents, backups of card numbers, equipment serials etc on the 650.
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    Well, it seems as if it can be done. How well it can be done is a different story I guess between people.

    I've never used VOIP, but it does sound like a good deal. It would solve one problem. If someone sent a voicemail, I would get an e-mail saying I have one, and would be able to listen to it right away on the web, and still be able to be on the phone talking.

    Vonage Voicemail allows you to:
    1. Play Back Your Messages Online & by Email

    Now you can check your voicemails without checking your phone. Access your voicemails through your Web Account and even play them back through your computer. We can also send you an email notifying you every time you receive voicemail and attach the actual message. You'll be able to forward voicemails to others as an email attachment or even save them to your PC's hard drive. Most of the popular media player formats are supported.

    Add Multiple Phone Numbers to Your Vonage Account

    Vonage gives you all the flexibility your lifestyle demands. As your needs grow, we grow with you. Vonage allows you to add multiple phone numbers to the same account. Now you'll be able to see all of your calls on one convenient bill.

    Order As Many Phone Numbers As You Like

    Vonage does not limit the number of phone numbers you can add to your account. You'll need 90 kbps of available bandwidth from your Broadband connection for each phone that's in use at the same time.

    This would be an advantage so that I could have a number for sales, a number for returns, a number for questions regarding the product, etc etc. At home I could dedicate a line for each thing, but on the road it would have to be forwarded to the Treo, BUT it may be possible to see what type of call it is, as in knowing if its someone calling about product info. The upside (even though it doesn't solve the on hold problem is that not everyone is calling the same number.

    Just thought i'd share some of this stuff. Not sure how many people use the VOIP service yet, but it seems as if it can come in handy.

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