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    The one program that I realy need is DTG word, and it has failed several times. I have used the patch and still it is not stable. Sometimes when I save and exit the T650 reboots and the file is not saved and DTG stops working, (reboots the 650 when I try to open a file).
    The only way to get it working again is to delete the entire DTG suite and reinstall. This means needing to wipe more than DTG becouse the patch is so big and it needs extra space to run.

    I'm a school teacher and have been using DTG for years and depend on it a lot.

    Anyone having the same or simalar probs? Any idea of what is causing it and how to oviod?

    PS I have not contacted DataViz yet, but I did upgrade to the new version when I got my 650.
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    I just tried a trial of DTG premium, it caused a reset every time I tried to open a file (that opened just fine the first couple of times). Way too unstable for $40.
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    mine all of a sudden will not recognize any files i am suposed to have in there. I see all my docs to go files through "filez" program but they do not show up in docs to go. I am at a loss really. I cannot hotsync with bluetooh or cable correctly. nor can i conect bluetooth to laptop at all!!! I am starting to HATE palmone!!

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