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    I have a treo 650 on sprint and installed Butler. I have it set to change the LED to solid orange if a voicemail is waiting for me, but this setting seems to do nothing. I get the normal flashing green regardless of the voicemail status. Any help appreciated!
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    I'm not sure if that functionality works on the 650. It never did on mine so I've changed my setting to blink fast on waiting voice mail (I don't like the fast blinking) and go solid orange for new e-mail. Search the forum a bit - I'm sure I've seen this answered.
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    mine changes to orange
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    Quote Originally Posted by specbz
    mine changes to orange
    I stand corrected. I just tested mine and it works as it should. What I do notice is that my light goes solid orange to indicated I've missed a call (I have my alert set to solid orange) then once I've cleared that message, it will start flashing fast green, which is what I have Voicemail Waiting set to.
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