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    Palmone and Audi supposedly have teamed (they even have a combined logo) to provide seamless support between the 650 and the new 2005 A6.

    It doesn't work! After reading several posts on several forums about Lexus, Prius, and other cars, it seems we all have the same problem. The phone and car link, but we can't send or receive through the car or have any of the other functionality that we should have. I can place a call on my 650 and it's picked up by the A6, or I can answer a call that is picked up, but nothing else. Sprint says do a soft reset, then a hard reset, then return the phone! I can't contact Palmone except through Sprint. Audi says it's not a supported phone!

    By decision to buy the expensive Audi was influenced by the compatibility, and I defintely bought the 650 for that reason.

    It seems clear to me that the problem is Palmone, not the cars, but since we can't contact them, I feel pretty helpless.

    Any ideas?
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    Someone else mentioned that perhaps Sprint in their effort to disable DUN may have EFF'd up HFL. Now that I've read that even Audi is having problems, I bet they're right.
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    Anyone try BT in a car with the DUN patch from Shadowmite??
    would that help??
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    Joe Fabris said at the DC roadshow that the A6 was the best accessory for the Treo 650. I would assume that he was able to get it to work.
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    Then again, wasn't Joe using a GSM phone (he was on AT&T, right?)???

    I re-iterate - we need a GSM user to verify these rumors that sprint and/or cdma is incompatable with HFL BT in cars.
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    I see know reason why CDMA would be incompatible with Bluetooth since it operates in the same frequency ranges as GSM. It is more likely that Spring did more than hide DUN with their "hack" either knowingly, or un-knowingly. The LG PM-325, another Sprint Bluetooth phone that should have been released has been delayed and now their are rumors that it is being delayed longer due to Bluetooth functionallity. My guess is that Sprint has never had a high volume BT phone (T608 was not high volume), they do not have the policies and procedures in place in their labs to properly test BT functionallity. Apparently the 608 was pretty buggy too when BT was used on it (i.e. resets, etc.)

    I am starting to wonder if Sprint had PalmOne modify the phone too much in software and not even Palm tested it well enough. It seamed like at the roadshow the GSM models were much more "responsive" than the Sprint ones some of the 3rd party vendors had. By "responsive" I mean that you hit the Nav key in the laucher and it moves quickly. The Sprint ones seemed to have a delay. I hope I am wrong since I am getting a Sprint version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gladman
    Anyone try BT in a car with the DUN patch from Shadowmite??
    would that help??
    Doesn't change squat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PWC Realtor
    Doesn't change squat.
    So how the F@#$%^ can Palm and Audi have an advertising campaign together when the 650 and the A6 (or any other car) don't work??

    The only other option is that GSM 650's might work fine, but it is CDMA that is hobbled, which will really **** me off, cause I left ATT to go to Sprint for this POS 650 phone which seems to have few of the advertised features.

    Again, I re-iterate the need for one of the few GSM beta testers out there to try pairing up with a car! please! before anyone else switches to Sprint and lives to regret it.
    I attempted to have a thread in the 650 hardware forum, knowing that more folks are there and might reach a GSM owner, but the moderators squashed the thread as off-topic. arrrgh. someone please find us a GSM beta tester!!

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