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    Im looking for the following software for my treo 650.

    weather bug type program. It should download weather forcasts each night with the five day forcast also available so I don't have to go to the web and wait for it to download.

    News reader - Similar to the weather reader but for the top news stories. Again so I don't have to got to the web and wait for the download.

    Dialpad replacement - the dial pad in the 650 is a step back for the treo. I liked the t600s interface better. What I would like even more is to replace the interface entirely with the agenda view from the calandar. Add to that a weather icon. When I had the mp220 the windows mobile had a nice plugable interface for the main screen. I liked that. Personally i don't need a number pad on the screen.

    button mapper - This should be able to map buttons to different buttons to fool old applications. This way I can map the nav pad for older emulators that don't have support for it. Also it would be nice to allow double clicking to do different thing. Like now that there is voice dialing, I want to be able to double click the side button to unlock the palm and activate voice dialing. Application sensative mapping would be nice to.

    bluetooth headset - Something to force a blue tooth handsfree to act as earphones for music. This way I can listen to mp3s in the gym without wires. This might also enable the voice dialing via bluetooth.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    You might want to check out 2Day from ShSh Software. They make a pretty good agenda-type display which does appts., email' etc. It also can do weather I believe. Oh and they also have TakePhone - a good dialpad replacement I think. Check them out.

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