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    I am having memory shortage issues (no surprise). I ran Filez and sorted by size to see what I could delete. The two largest files on my 650 are ContactsDB-PAdd at 1.4 meg and AddressDB at 1.3 meg (I have about 2200 contacts). Since they are different sizes, I started wondering if AddressDB is a leftover from the prior Palm OS version. Thought I'd ask b/f experimenting by deleting it. Does anyone know if I can delete it safely, if it is in fact a leftover? If not, why two address files?
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    I think you can deleted the addressdb unless you are using an older piece of software on the 650 that depends on addressdb. I have noticed that I have taskdb and tododb as well as calendardb and datebkdb. I deleted tododb and now today 2.2 says no todos and todo plus doesn't show any either. So you can free up some space by deleting the older dbs if you can live without using the older software.
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    You probably want to verify this but I thought that I read that Palm had created a new database structure into the new OS version. They also have the db in the older version for older apps written to access the old style db. This was done to not **** off the 3rd party apps written to access the old db.
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    As I understand it, if you delete the old-style memos/todos/address/datebook databases, they will come back on your next hotsync. Too bad cause they take up almost double the space.

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