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    Currently I carry my 650 in my front trouser pocket, but I'm always wary I might forget it's there and sit down or something might damage the screen. Are there any holsters available yet?

    The ProClip looks good, but I don't like that you have to choose between vertical or horizontal - I'm not sure which I'd want without trying it. I'm also not sure if it's available for the 650 yet.

    The PalmOne leather one looks a little bulky and is 'face out' in all the pics. Can it be worn face in to offer some screen protection? I figure with screen in you're also more likely to hear it ring.

    If I don't get a holster, I might consider egrips and stay with the trouser pocket.
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    I really loved the SEIDO holster for the 600. I'm hoping that they make another one for the 650.

    Has anyone else found anything similar to that design for the 650 yet?
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    I ordered the PA32 from Vaja. Its a case with an optional ultraclip and belt clip. There is a cover for the face also. I researched a lot of cases. The Pielframa was next but I do not like magnet snaps.
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    check out the tuff as nuts one at:

    i have one for my 600 and it is great. Wouldn't order the strap over the top unless you get the belt loop version (can either be horizontal or vertical carry). I prefer the clip version (very secure).

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    Are you comfortable driving with the belt clip Nutshell in place?
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    Being used to a good Nextel quality holster, I am very happy with the Proclip. Its solid and you can tell they have learned something making these for the 600 because the first ones would kick the SD card out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treoye
    Are you comfortable driving with the belt clip Nutshell in place?
    As long as you don't have it so far back that it's between you and the seat, there's not a problem. I've had Nutshell cases for my last 3 or 4 PDAs, and I love 'em. If you're concerned about the angle, get the one with the leather belt loop rather than the clip. I prefer the clip myself.
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    This is the holster I am waiting on.....
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    That looks like a nice case Guy, any idea when it will be available? I'm looking for a holster/case that will allow me to pull the 600 off of my belt and use w/o any casing around it. The Form Fit Case looked nice, but does anyone know if you can you unsnap the latch and pull it off your belt easy enough?

    EDIT: Just saw that it's already available for the 600.
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