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    I've saved stuff to my SD that won't open in any apps so I wanted to kill them. No rush and I can certainly wait until I get hope and do it via computer/sd reader - but is there any application or function on the 650 where you can look at the card and all its files to tag/delete?

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    Not on the 650, but download fileZ (freeware) from Palmgear and it can do the trick.
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    please help i picked up a 1g expansion card.

    i put songs on it and able to listen to real audio that works great

    now heres my question ive copied other apps and photos when i try to find them on the card it shows nothing if i go to send the same app. to the card it tells me it already there.

    when i go to card info shows me directories etc.
    on my treo 600 my old card use to show me the icons of the apps on it

    i coud also run apss from the card to save room?

    thanks in advance for your responses

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