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    First problem...
    Everytime I dial a number using the pop-up one touch dialing and/or the conact list, there is an 8-12 second delay before the phone dials. Is anyone else having this problem.

    It takes between 2-5 minutes for my phone to find the Sprint network whenever I turn the phone on or its recovering from a reset. And, yes, the signal is strong. Anyone else?

    Lastly, I use Agendus for my PIM and it takes either (a) 30 seconds-2 minutes to click on a daily item to edit/delete it, or (b) it won't let me select it at all. Anybody else using Agendus out there?
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    I locate the Sprint netork within about 5s normally. I also use Agendus and selecting an item to edit is instant. I am using a Beta 9 version though, but when I was using v8 it wasn't a problem.

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