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    First of all, I loved what Chatter could do from what I have been able to see in few hours that I was able to work with it.

    I have installed 1.0b15.11 on my 650 and it worked like a charm for couple of hours but now it is not working at all ... it will hang while "QSYNC" with "No Connection" icon .. then goes to "QSYNC" ... and back and forth without fetching any messages. More importantly, after installing Chatter, my Treo is painfully slow to respond to commands (tapping or pushing buttons). Even in Chatter application, it will take anywhere from 5-15 seconds to respond to a tap or button actions, if it responds at all.

    Please help as I really loved what I was able to see once I had it set up to sync my work mail and then pushing my Gmail and Hotmail through fastmail.

    Should I try 1.0b15.8 instead? If so, where can I download that version?

    Thanks for the great work!
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    I agree. I have uninstalled Chatter, temporarily of course, until this is resolved. I think for some reason it leaves the connection active. I see the green arrows active for quite some time after a QSync, and this prevents me from receiving phone calls also. Bummer.
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    I know of no issue that needs to be resolved. It sounds like these are setup issues; I'd need to see a log to know what's up.

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    I've experienced that too myself. I found out that I made a typo on the IMAP Server field. After I fix the typo and reset, then it works fine.

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