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    Please see this post

    Using FileZ, look at your MutilMailAttchement file size and then send an attachement to your self and see if the MultiMailAttchement file grows by about that much (using filez again). Then go back to Versamail and delete that email with the aatchement, then empty the trash, then use fileZ again and see if it's the same size.

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    Not an issue here, emptying the trash brought the file back down to it's pre attatchment size.
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    Wow, Perhaps I have a dirty install then. Thanks, I'll go home and see if I can install it on it's own. What size was the MultiMailAttachemnt file after you emptied the trash? 3.5K?
    Thanks again, Matt
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    Mine is 3K without any mail in the box
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    OK, THANKS A MILLION FOR THE HELP... I think I am on to something..I deleted the account and all the settings and am setting back up again.

    On the 'Preferences' area in VersaMail, under "deletion", Do you have "auto-empty mail from Trash" off or on, if it's on, what setting do you have immediatly or something else?


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