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    i see the option for folder sync. i want to know what it actuall y does exactly. i see inbox is checked but others arent. i want to use aol with versamail but it takes too long to check for messages and than downloads all messages which takes forever. i just want to be able to check to see what mail i have. without it erasing from the server or showing it was read. is it possiblle. is there anyone who uses versamail with aol and can explain me the best setup to use it smoothly
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    The problem you are running into is the lack of capability of the AOL IMAP server. It does not support the IMAP search command, which causes a much slower sync to occur for downloading of messages. If you were on an IMAP server that supported search, then you could define a date window in the VersaMail Preferences, and also use unread only, which would speed up the sync immensely.

    One thing you can do is to just download headers. This will do 2 things for you - significantly improve the download time and minimize the amount of memory you use on the device. To download headers only go to the VersaMail menu, Options, Preferences, Delivery Options, and at the top choose Subject only in the drop down. When you perform a get you'll only receive the message header. I find this useful since I read a lot of mail elsewhere, and if I want to read a msg VersaMail is pretty fast at downloading the message body for me.

    Hope this helps.
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    Get Snappermail Enterprise Edition.
    Works great for AOL!
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