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    I am amble to send emails but when I try to get them is gives me the Bad Login warning. I have rechecked all of my username and password settings and the are correct, or at least they are the same as they are in my Outlook Express accounts.

    Any thoughts?
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    The typical issue is that you have a control character or space either in the username or password field. To verify you don't go to the username/ password screen in VersaMail and bring up the keyboard via the menu for each field. Insure that the field is BLANK, then carefully enter in the values. Typically this fixes it.

    If not, reply with what type of account ( POP/IMAP ) and what type of server ( Exchange, Notes, etc ) if known and I may be able to help out more, but again if your using OE on the desktop the settings should be identical to it for POP and IMAP accounts.
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    Still does not work. Here is the set up.

    I have a POP3 with
    Incoming mail server is

    Outgoing mail server is

    I have to use Use Authentication as well and it is set up.

    Any other questions or suggestions?
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    Should I consider paying $20/year for a IMAP account?

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