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    I have a Treo 650 and I'm using Outlook 2003. I had HotSync working fine with the Outlook Conduit (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc). I was in VersaMail and decided to see if I could get ActiveSync working with our Exchange 2003. When I did this it said that my Calendar was going to be deleted. Not a big deal I thought.

    Well there were HTTP/500 errors with the ActiveSync, so I decided to remove the ActiveSync Account in VersaMail and just pull my mail using POP/SMTP.

    Now when I HotSync, my Calendar setting is being forced to "Do Nothing". Even if I manually override this setting and set it to "Desktop overwrites handheld", it still gets forced to "Do Nothing" when synchronizing. As a result, my calendar is not synchronized on my Treo.

    How can I get back my Calendar HotSync capabilities? I've tried uninstalling/installing the Palm Desktop/HotSync software. I've tried reinstalling the Outlook Conduits. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Did you delete the ActiveSync account. When you first create the ActiveSync account the the Outlook Hotsync conduit automatically gets disabled. When you delete the account, then the conduit should start working again.
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    has anone actually figured out how to solve this problem? i've deleted my activesync account, and i've actually gone to the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling palm desktop and the outlook conduits -- all to no avail. i can't sync my calendar, and i'm getting really frustrated. any advice would be welcome.
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    Just to follow up on this. The last resort worked: uninstalled palm desktop. Renamed the PalmOne folder. Removed the HandHeld Synch folder from Outlook. Did a HARD reset to clear the device. And then started over -- reinstalled from the OEM CD, sync'd reinstalled apps, etc.

    There goes about three hours of my life that I'll never get back again. But at least I'm back in a decent state.
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    Thanks buckets to everyone on this thread....I was frantic tonight having "played" with setting up Exchange in VersaMail today and losing my entire Calendar from my T650. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
    I tried lots of ideas and I must have searched the entire forum today and posted many requests for solutions before I found this not-so-recent thread tonight and, Yippie! a reset did the trick! (fortunately I didn't have to uninstall Palm Desktop or anything else...just took the easiest step first and it worked) You know what they say, 'when in doubt', RESET! Thanks to all who posted here!
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    BTW, this all started because I read a post this morning about sync'ing email folders to servers in EXCHANGE. After playing around with the different email options in VersaMail, I found that the IMAPP option I've been using can sync with server all is NOT lost, I did learn something valuable today.

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