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    Is there a good, "real" dictionary out there? I'm talking about one that gives definitions. Most of the dictionaries that I have seen are either just spelling or translation. Thanks your help
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    Which ones have you tried...I'm trying to get the demo version of BDicty to work on my Vdx and I'm in email contact with the company... the person there says:

    > BDicty is completely compatible
    with Visor - I run on Visor as well. The fact you have the Deluxe version
    only makes you a prime candidate for our new English dictionary with more
    than 25000 english words with their explanations. It takes 1.2MB and costs

    However, I'm having trouble getting the demo version to run properly. I'd be curious to see if anyone else on VC can get it to work.

    Their web page for palm software is

    On my Vdx, the other dictionary "Dictionary" from causes a fatal error. In any case, if it can be made to work, BDicty looks like it's more what you have in mind...and of course, I think there's going to be a dictionary springboard soon.

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    Landware has also announced a dictionary on a Springboard for the Visor. Check out
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    With 8 mb in my Visor, I would rather just load the dictionary on the Visor than have a springboard. That is if it was less than 2 mb.

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    I'm not sure how large Landware's dictionary is. Their website is somewhat light on information, though they say it is a complete dictionary (with definitions) and has over 60,000 words. They also claim you can look up words from within any PalmOS app simply by double-tapping.

    The obvious advantages of a springboard are that they can make the dictionary much larger than they normally could if it lived in memory, and you aren't using system memory for the dictionary.

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