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    I'm using ZLauncher with a 512MB SD Card on my 650. I've got most of my apps launching from the SD Card along with their respective databases. How do you guys back up the apps on the SD Card? Is this not something to worry about because the SD Card is pretty reliable? I guess one way to do it is to get a card reader for my computer and just save the contents of the SD Card to my hard drive periodically.
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    you could just copy sd files to a folder using windows explorer and a card reader
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    Card Backup Options
    I did not see anyone else answer the question regarding how to backup the SD card so you are better protected after you move apps from RAM to card with something like ZLauncher (which I use).

    I use BlueSync from Blue Squirrel Software:

    You might also want to take a look at SyncAll:
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    I used to backup my SD Card in my card reader, but found that the ease of using BlueSync to backup the data on the SD Card in the Treo was well worth the price.

    I can even exclude the AUDIO folder on the card making the backup ultra small and fast.
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    I just keep a copy of all my apps on my HD

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