I am kinda-new here (hope you guys welcome newbies) , I got a Treo 270 , then upgraded into Treo 600 + Tungsten|T...Okay , love PalmOne (R) Products...

One nice , I bought Treo 600 Unlocked , it has everything, in package , earphone (mono) , manual , sd card warning thingy and some adpater , charger , and stuff

I did not open the Earphone piece , as I got a Old Treo 270 HS Earphone piece, and a Nokia Earpiece too , now , my question is

Is there a way to trick the system , saying that its a mono-handsfree , because I have still have to use the speaker for it

I have tried , Freedom , and it kinda-messed my Treo (I think I had bad luck with it , anyway , Toysoft.ca support is great)

So any suggestions ? I have done a search , but the topic goes to VisorCentral , and it says Invalid Link