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    PocketCraft will soon roll out it's next major upgrade to Facer 2, Facer 2.1.

    To make sure that this upgrade is perfect, we need BETA TESTERS of various devices to test out the new Facer 2.1 Beta.

    Download Facer 2.1 Beta from here...

    Any bug reports/suggestions, e-mail them to

    Please submit your bug reports clearly.
    A bug report like "Crashes when I used it" won't help us at all. Please

    1. state device type
    2. reproduce the error, step by step.

    Thank you for supporting us!

    Meriza Anna
    Pocketcraft Software
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    What is Facer Launcher 2?

    Facer 2 was designed understanding your needs, and full-filling your expectations. You expect your device to store and retrieve information quickly and efficiently. You expect more from your smart device to assist you in your daily activities and improve your productivity. Combining your most important needs, PocketCraft Software developed the award winning* solution for you – Facer Launcher 2.

    Facer Launcher 2 is a launcher application that will radically change, streamline and make your device more powerful and smarter to assist you in managing your life. With Facer 2, you are able to get hold of information on demand, manage applications and express yourself. Facer Launcher 2 is the only launcher application with a Today Page that features a plug-in architecture and an applications’ launcher all-in-one.

    Check out for more product information.
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    What's new in 2.1?
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    What do people think...
    Which is better:
    The latest Facer or the latest Zlauncher?
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    I still use the Bulit-in Launcher , its great , its fun , its of all its Free

    I have tried both , there are good software...Keep it up , Facer...
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    Why won't they tell us what's new? I'd like to know what's new before I try it.
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    It would be fantastic if Face 2.1 would allow one to create shortcuts to programs on the card (a la Zlauncher "move program to card"). I love Facer 2.0's style and execution, but to have a quick way of moving programs to an SD card and automatically creating a shortcut would be key. That said, I shall participate in the beta test (yay).

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