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    [QUOTE=jonhoffm]Wow, maybe I really missed the boat on this when trying the 7100t - Are you referring to a 3rd party app that allows this? I was only able to view Excel attachments (and not very well) on the 7100t. I was under the impression that the attachment handling of MSFT Office files on the BB was not even close to that of the Treo using Docs to Go.
    I agree that 7100T isn't as good as docs to go (being able to change files). The viewer, however, is pretty robust. When viewing a Word doc there is a menu item called "Show Changes" that actually shows the redlined version of the document (with the change actually in red!). This has been OUTSTANDING for me. I'm not an attorney so most of my comments about a contract are tracked by an attorney during conference calls so I usually don't have a need to change files. I had DTG on my 600 and used DTG mostly for reading anyway.

    The built-in viewer allows Word, Excel and PPT attachment viewing (along with pulling down only the portion of the document you need to make it a very efficient process even on T-Mobile's slower network).

    The trick on excel files is to highlight the top left cell (like select all cells in Excel) and select the "large" option which expands the width of the cells. I actually see much more of a spreadsheet on the 7100T than I did on the T600 due to high res.

    Agreed - it is a solid performer - especially for the price.

    As I remember, there was a lot of debate re: the 7100t using the BB keyboard shortcuts. I thought that due to the unique keyboard, 7100 did not use the same BB shortcuts.
    Many navigation tricks exist (like hitting certain keys to scroll to the bottom of a page, etc.). I am actually as efficient as my T600 in getting around and typing and am now used to the menus (the hardest part after moving from T600) and multiple clicks.

    I missed the touchscreen a little as well. The keyboard on the 7100t I found to be cumbersome. I know everyone says that after a few hours, you will love it, but (maybe because I am now past my mid-30s) it seemed to be more trouble than it is worth.
    I'm in the same age category as you. I gave it a shot and it has paid off.

    Especially having to switch back and forth from predictive to multi-tap quite often. It had advantages, however, when just dialing a phone # (due to the larger keys compared to the Treo) and was fine for looking up contacts. This is clearly a matter of personal opinion

    The first time I had to use a dial-by-name voicemail directory, I freaked on the 7100t only to figure out that the BB sent the letter equivalent tone when typing a letter - ie, when you type "B" it sends a "2". This is genious. Why doesn't P1 put this in the Treo? I hate having to pull up the on-screen keypad to dial by name when I have a qwerty keyboard right there. Maybe they do and I again oblivious.
    I had a colleague get stumped by that on his 7100T and I figured it out through help. It is pretty neat.
    The 7100t keyboard felt soft and somewhat cheap to me - again for $150 - to be expected.
    I actually like the soft feel compared to the nubs on the T600.

    They originally crippled the BT on the 7100t due to TMo's implementation - I did not find the BT any better on the 7100 than the 650.[/QUTE]

    My blue tooth comment relates more to range than profiles. I've read many threads where 5 or so 650 users complain about static after the phone goes a foot away from the headset or is on the other side of the body. I only get static when I hit the theoritical range of BT (20-30 feet).

    I've enjoyed the TC community and want to help educate that other really good options are available depending on the needs of the user. I switched on a whim (after being pi**ed that my $400 T600 phone wouldn't work outside the US along with having to replace it multiple times in a year) and have been extremely surprised that a $200 phone (at the time) could stand toe to toe with the T600 and exceed many of the capabilities of that phone.
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