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    Ok, maybe I'll be showing my age here, but this is one of the greats from years ago that would be great on a palm. Anybody remember Spy Hunter? You drove a car on a straight (vertical) road and ran the bad guys off the road & shot at them, then you pulled up into the back of a big rig (kinda like Knight Rider), to get refueled and new ammo & weapons. And one of the best parts? The theme music was Peter Gunn. Yes, I'm old. Anybody seen this ported to Palm? I have looked everywhere I know, and can't find it. Have a great one!


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    I remember it all too well. I'd play for an hour or two after class, then go fight the urge to run other drivers off the road...
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    You can get it for the Game Boy Color. It's on a two-for-one cart, along with Moon Patrol.

    (I know, you were asking about Palm, but this is a handheld version of Spy Hunter, and it is in color. And a Game Boy Color is pretty cheap).
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    Thanks mportuesi, but what fun would that be in the next faculty meeting?


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    How about another of the old classics, 'Bump 'N Jump'?
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    There is a website I dont remember what it is but there is a guy trying to convert gameboy games to the palm os.... I hope Spy Hunter comes around that would just kick ****!!!!!!!

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