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    I have tried both the Jabra and Motorola BT headsets. I got the same result from each. If I was in a quiet room it seemed to work ok. But if i was in a public place or my truck I couldn't hear a dam thing. I raised the volume on the headset all the way as well as on the phone but no help. I called palm one they had no answers, execpt to suggest I find someone else who had a 650 buy another headset and try it on their phone. (kind of strange suggestion) If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. It's pointless to have a BT phone that doesn't work with a BT headset.
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    Yeah, I've got the Jabra and the G2. Both SUCK. I mean, they are virtually unuseable. Oddly enough, the Jabra works better in my car than it does in my house. Haven't tried the G2 in the car yet. I have nothing in my house except 2 computers. But I DO NOT have WIFI, so I don't know what else could be interfering. But neither of them are useable. ARE BT headsets just a joke at this point?

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    I have the Jabra BT250 and if I'm in my car with the Treo out of my pocket in the door's compartment area it sounds pretty good. If I put it in my pocket a noticeable static starts, but still works... if I'm outside walking around with the Treo in my pocket it's un-useable... and in all cases the volume is up all the way and it's NOT that loud - I read somewhere within these forums that the extra ear-buds they package with the device really help once you find the one that fits your ear the best... so I've gotta try that...

    I also know a friend of mine loves his BT250 which he uses with an XDAII device on T-Mobile... doesn't seem to have the same problems as we do... but I have yet to try that for myself... I will report back once I do...
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    I'm currently using a Motorola HS810 with my Treo 650 and love it. I heard that the HS850 is supposed to be better (sound quality), but haven't been able to test that out.

    In any case, I have WiFi in my house and can still use my HS810 (as long as I don't get more than 10 feet away from my Treo)...That's due to the WiFi interferance.

    In my car, at high speed, with the radio on...I can hear and be heard just fine. I held an extended conversation (about 40 minutes) with someone while driving and never had an issue with interferance or sound quality.

    Now don't get me wrong, the HS810 isn't a loudspeaker, but it's good enough for me to hear alright. I can't speak of the Jabra sets or other Motorola sets, but the one I have works very well.

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    HS850 Rocks on the 650 Loud and Clear !!!!!!!!!!
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    For me the key to Jabra is to use the alternate silicone earpiece so that the sound is directed further into the ear. This should help you overcome ambient noise.

    Now, as for wi-fi crackle, thats a whole nuther matter.

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