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    I have the demo version installed at the moment. Is this "the" player of choice around here for video files or is there something better? Thoughts/comment greatly appreciated...
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    There are others, but IMO MMplayer is the best of the bunch.
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    where is everyone getting the videos to play in mmplayer?
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    I can make them. I have a pretty decent video editing setup on my desktop since I design website for people in the entertainment industry and often have to create video clips, etc.
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    they edit video at work. can you please tell me what method to use to get the best quality videos. as i understood, mmplayer wont play just any avi file will it?
    what apps do u use. all the lame pocket dvd apps i have take forever to encode and also i cant find a 320 by 320 rez. closest is 320 by 176 and it crops top and bottom. pissin me off!
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    well 320x320 isn't aspect ration (4:3)...

    I use IMToo dvd ripper (if I am pulling off a dvd) and then VirtualDub to dumb it down to divx avi/smaller bitrate, etc

    If it's video from TV/VHS or whatever, I just capture it using my canopus card and save as AVI, then use the VirtualDub prog
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    Hey folks we've hashed this subject is discussed in detail at THIS THREAD.
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    Indeed, my initial question remains tho and that is, is MMplayer the "best" player at the moment?

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