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    I was thinking of picking up a 1gb Lexar SD card. Is that a good choice?
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    Lexar and SanDisk seem to be the two everyone here is using. I only looked briefly before but there's also Toshiba, Kingston, Kodak, and some brands I haven't heard of like PQI, Transcend, and A-Data. I'm new to SD cards, so are any of those other brands fine or should I stick to the two popular ones?
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    I got a SanDisk yesterday (1gig for $79) and so far it's fast and perfect for anything I've done - including playback of video...
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    I have a standard speed SanDisk 1gb card and it works fine. Viewing pics from it seems a little faster than the internal Treo memory, so it's not too shabby. If you have extra cash, you may want to opt for a highspeed card since the 650 supposedly supports it. If you start storing apps on the card and running from there, then a highspeed card will help a lot.
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    I got a 256MB ATP Ultra 60x from Fry's for $32. It seems ok and has a VFSMark of 478.
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    Does anyone actually know what the throughput capacity is for the treo600? because the regular SanDisk says it xfers around 2 megs per second - the Ultra 2 around 8-9 per second. Clearly this affects computer-card reader-SD, but on the treo would it really make a difference?
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    I got a black friday special ($80 circut city) 1gb standard Sandisk card.. works great.. no complaints.
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    Got a 1GB Sandisk from Amazon for $76 or so. Just fine.
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    2gb Sandisk Ultra II on order here, $173. Have an Ultra II in my digital camera and love it.
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    Transcend 45X 1GB got VERY good VFS readings as you will see if you poke around a bit. that was my choice. i think in about 4-5 months ill be snaggin a 2gb myself!
    i have a gig of roms i could throw on then! w00t (for personal use only of course!)
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    While a "HiSpeed" SD card may get improved performance for installs via a card reader... they don't seem to make a difference inside the Treo600 or Treo650. See this thread: Lexar 1GB 4X vs. 32X cards: ~same speed?!

    So although I already have, I would not again waste my money on a HiSpeed card for a Treo650. IMO, by the time a Treo comes out that can take advantage of a HiSpeed card I'll want a 4G card or better. (That's 2006 according to SanDisk's booth at CES last year.)
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    A freind and I have the 1G PNY from for $50 after rebate. He is doing books & I have a bunch of mp3's.

    We have not done any performance tests, but it sure loads faster w/USB reader vs. hotsync.

    Anyone have data on PNY speed?

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    SanDisk High Speed - and LOVE it! (1 GB)
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    I use the Sandisk Ultra II 512 MB card... its awesome and works super fast.
    Treo 650.. the best smart phone there is.
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    Sandisk Ultra II 512MB. Synching 10MB MP4 videos takes a few seconds, simply amazing speed. After using this I couldn't go back to a slower card.
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    What's the deal with an MMC card? I have a 1 gig MMC in my Nokia 6620 while waiting for my GSM 650 (Nokia only takes MMC but Treo takes both). The 650 is MMC compatible. Obviously it will physically fit but what is the difference between the SD and MMC?
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    Just bought the SanDisk 1gb SD card--works great!
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    Lots of Sandisk in this thread.

    I use a Lexar 256 MB regular card I bought earlier this year. So far it's great, and I was looking to get a 1G Lexar sometime soon.

    In past threads, some people had trouble with Sandisk and Treos....I guess this is no longer the case now.
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