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    Other than the thread "Fixed - Versamail problems" is there any way to remove Versamail?

    I tried deleting using the Applications option and FileZ, but didn't see Versamail listed. Can it be done?

    If I do remove it, will it cause problems with other apps? I tried using it, am now going back to Snappermail. Would like to free up the space.
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    I believe it is in ROM and can't be deleted. Makes it a bit harder to justify using up RAM for another mail program. Almost, but not quite. Since VersaMail is absolutely horrible for my needs, I am going with Chatter.
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    JackFlash can delete items from ROM on the older PalmOne devices. I know they are working on a version that will work on the 650/T5 but I don't think it's available yet.

    You can check at
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