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    Does anyone know of any word completion software titles for the PalmOS? I am demoing WordComplete by CIC and I'm loving it. It cuts my text entry time in half! I just want to make sure I am covering all the bases before I buy it.


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    You might try LookDA from Stephen Millman. You can find it at It seems to do what you are describing and it is freeware.
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    Here is another option:

    TextPlus from

    I used word complete and then tried this, I like it better. You can move where the text shows up on the screen plus it also has common phrases that you can pop up above the words.

    It also seems to "pick" the words quicker than word complete and it's suppose to use some algorithm to show the more frequently used words. You can also customize the pick list by double tapping a word to add it to the database.

    It's a sharware so you can always try before you buy. Read the manual thoroughly to understand some of the "settings".

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