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    Hello! I am using windows xp pro. I used a treo 600 and so far have not been able to hotsync with my new treo 650. I had previously used pdanet on my treo 600 briefly and still have the trail version installed on my pc. Palmone has informed me that pdanet is not compatible with the new version of hotsync manager. I cannot delete pdanet from my pc. I keep getting an error saying this program is being used by another program or person and cannot be deleted. Anyone know how to remove this program so I can finally use my treo 650. Sorry if it is obvious but I am not that computer literate.
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    Have you tried add/remove programs while booted in safe mode?

    To get into safe mode, hit F8 when you see the prompt when PC starts.
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    Check to see if PdaNet is running in your TSRs (icons on the bottom right) if so exit out of the program and then try 'add/remove programs'

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