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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    I know they are in ROM. Where do you think that ROM image is stored?

    It is stored in NAND Flash.

    Every time I bring this up, someone posts, "no you are wrong, blah, blah, blah".
    This time I am coming out and saying, "No, YOU are wrong".

    Why do people not get this.

    *breathes deeply*
    So it goes like this. If RealPlayer and VersaMail were not there, it would mean the ROM image would be smaller. Correct? OK. This in turn leaves more empty space in the rest of the NAND Flash. Knowing this we can then deduce that there is more space for other stuff.

    Get it. Got it. Good.

    Sorry to pick on you izzideluxe.
    I posted this query in this thread:

    But I figure I'ld ask here as well. Even if you could remove apps from the rom, where would the extra storage come from. Would it be only from the nand or nand+ram. If you remove apps from the compressed Rom image, the compressed rom image itself should shrink in size and so will the decompressed rom in the ram. But I'm assuming the DB cache and dynamic heap are hard coded or something right? Therefore the only space to be gained would be the storage heap on the nand chip? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Tx...
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    OK, so here we are in March 2005 and I see nothing from Palm regarding the original question in this thread. As a Mac user who just ran into this issue today I am amazed on how some software development houses create apps that are not fully functional on the platforms that they have applications on. i.e. XP vs OSX. There is a Palm Desktop for each OS. With that said I wan this problem fixed. According to what people have posted here, there is no other way then syncing with a Microsoft computer.

    Well maybe it is time for SnapperMail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by izzideluxe
    Thanks CK - it helps me and likely others understand what can or should be possible, but does not actually reflect what is possible now.

    As I understand it, a 650 user cannot use ROM to store working programs. I'd love to delete Versa and Real from ROM and use that space for Snapper and Pocketunes.

    Maybe someday soon there will be updated tools that let us do stuff like this.

    Actually, you could use one of Shadowmite's tools to do just that.
    Custom roms, bluetooth DUN and the like. I believe the site is still up!
    hope this helps..

    For the original poster asking about OSX, Versamail and syncing... Like everyone has been advising...

    Go Snappermail baby..

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    Quote Originally Posted by illbits View Post
    Just got the new Treo 650 (lovin it)... set up all 8 email accounts in VersaMail and after I deleted one of the 8 accounts and tried to create a new account I got this msg:

    All accounts are in use.
    Deleted accounts can be re-used after preforming a HotSync.
    Make sure the VersaMail conduit is turened on and set to 'Do Nothing'.

    Heres the problem. There IS no VersaMail conduit for Mac OS (I'm running Mac OS 10.3.6) so HotSyncing does NOT allow me to re-use the deleted account. How LAME VersaMail, BAD BAD VersaMail. My days of firebombing software developers are over, but I can't figure out any other positive solutions to the problem. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

    To the original question on this thread. Those of us using Vista with Palm Desktop 6.2 have something in common with Mac users. Palm ripped out the Versamail conduits.

    I believe that I have a solution for the few that run into this issue. Open FileZ and select the "View Preferences" box. Select the "Saved" box on the right if it isn't already selected. View each of the properties that is named "asc3 MultiMail". Some of them will have the word "deleted" imbedded in the property. It may look like "P@@deleted" ore something similar. Delete these properties. Be warned! There are a lot of properties to look through, so this may take a little time.

    Do this at your own risk. I did it with no obvious ill effects, and I was able to add another account. I have not extensively tested it. This was done on versamail 3.5 on a Treo 700p. I am betting it will work with most other Treos.

    And I say BAD BAD Palm for requiring a conduit for clean up a deleted account.
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    The FileZ fix worked perfectly! Thanks!
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