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    I tend to travel SWA for any long-distance trips.....always the cheapest and always happy with their service. The flight attendants usually crack jokes while they're on the intercom, usually right before or after their demonstration of how safe your airplane is designed.....whatever floats their plane.

    Anyway, SWA rocks....doubt I'd fly with another airline unless my destination didn't have a SWA terminal.

    I've only flown once since having the 650 and had no problems. I flew several times with the 300 & 600 and they'd always tell me to turn it ALL the way off. The first time I replied, "but it doesn't really go all the way off". Then she snapped back, "You've gotta turn it off!" I just said OK, and learned my lesson. If somebody on a plane asks me if my phone is off....I just say, OK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142
    flying SWA tomorrow..Im not impressed by their lack of tech savy folks
    I don't think you will have a problem now. A couple of months ago I would say yes there will be a problem. But, now I think you're okay. They seem to be more up to date on what the Treo is.
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