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    I took my Treo for a ride around town in my pocket today and when I got home, I found a voice message waiting for me, but I never heard the phone ring. I looked in the call log and it was there, so next I performed a test by putting the phone back into my pocket and calling from a different line. As soon as I heard it start to ring I gave a little shake and the tone immediately stopped. I therefore concluded that the phone screen was touched while in my pocket thereby stopping the tone. In the keyguard features you can disable the touch screen on a call, but is there any way to have it so you just press the center button to activate the touchscreen, before answering an incoming call - just like the regular keyguard feature?
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    I guess you can just press the green or red phone buttons depending on what you want to do, so in that regard it is very similar to deactivating the regular keyguard.

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