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    What solution do you guys know of to stop spam? I hate using my email client, because it picks up all the spam. I use Mozilla Thunderbird at home and it filters out the spam, but what alternative do I have for Versamail? Free is always good, but to fix this I don't mind paying, but once again free is always good
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    I've found VersaMail doesn't do a very good job with dealing with Spam. I have my desktop "rules" move the spam into another folder so by the time VersaMail comes in the offending mail is gone. Does require a desktop thingee running.
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    I have been using Prism Email to block spam. It uses Bayesian rules and someother filters. So far so good. It took a few days to build data on what I consider spam, and now it's blocking 85%. It promises 99.5%. BTW, I receive all "good" emails on both my desktop and my Treo.
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    i use sbcglobal/yahoo for my email client. i'd give it a 8.5 out of 10 for blocking spam. since it's about $25/mo now for a dsl account these days, the spam blocking feature is pretty much free.

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