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    Due to reported memory and compatibility problems, I've been hesitant to transfer many of the applications I had on my 600 to my new 650. So far, all I've loaded are a few games (Atum, Klondike, etc...) and a few apps (Comet, Daynotez, Verichat). Still nervous about loading Datebk, Snappermail, and PDANet.

    What have you loaded and what are you hesitant to load?
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    Julie, have no fear about installing DateBk5 on your 650 -- just make sure you install the latest version, (as of today it's V-5.4a,p6), which directly addresses issues with the 650.

    Go to this page and click the "Download V-5.4a, p6 Release" link in the right column.

    I've installed it with no problems!

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    If you're looking to get rid of a copy of PDANet for the 600, I'll take it.
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    There is an upgrade available for PDANet. But it's not free. The upgrade price seems a little steep to me.

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