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    Has anyone else had trouble with recurring untimed events and Mac Palm Desktop 2.1? Mine won't accept Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday of every November) and it won't accept a monthly untimed event.
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    Hmm...I see what you fact, setting up Thanksgiving as a timed event requires setting it to repeat on the same day every 12 months...not exactly intuitive.

    This also seems to be true in Datebk3 on the Visor.
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    I can't talk to the Palm Desktop situation, but as far as setting Thanksgiving on the Visor in Datebook +, here's how you do it.

    Go to Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25, in this case). Enter "Thanksgiving" as an untimed Appt. Go to Details and click for Repeat. Click on Month and set to "Every 12 Months". Set to Repeat by Day. Hit OK. When it asks you "Does this event occur on the 4th or last week of the month?", say 4th week.

    It's not the most elegant solution, but it works. I use Outlook and under Tools/Options/Calendar, I selected "Add Holidays" and set it for United States, then Hot Synced. This set most of the country's holidays and for some reason, they all repeat accurately, even though under details, they are all set for None.
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    Entering Thanksgiving on the Visor was no problem. The problem occurs when I try to sync Datebook+ with Mac Desktop 2.1. The desktop sync log indicates that the software can't accept such untimed events. I hope someone comes up with a patch for this.

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