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    I'm a first time PDA owner and downloaded a few programs for it but can't figure out how to unzip them and get them on my Visor. Can anyone help me?
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    First thing you will need to do is get WinZip or something else if you know about it (If you're an old-schooler pkzipper).

    I usually save everthing to the add-on directory under the visor software. Through windows explorer, the easiest way is to just hold right click on the file and drag it a tiny bit. You'll have the option of extracting it to that directory, or if the file is you can extract it to a directory called blahblah. That's usually what I do to keep all my addons separate.

    You can either run your palm desktop and add the programs with the button in the bottom left corner I believe, OR when in explorer you can just double-click the pdb or prc files and they should automatically say they will be loaded next time you sync.

    If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck.

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