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    I am using Chatter against an exchange server and I understand that by defualt all deleted items go to the server based deleted items folder. I am actually mapping that folder in Chatter and when I try to delete everything in the treo deleted items folder it appears to work, but on the next sync everything comes back. If deleted in Outlook then the items go away. This happens in online and offline mode. I'd like to be able to delete items in this folder remotely to empty the trash. Any suggestions? TIA

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    samt - I don't see how that can work in Chatter at the moment (deletion moves messages to "Deleted Items", which explains why they come back). I suspect you need to permanently delete them via Outlook. Anyone else have experience with this? (I don't use MS Exchange myself)

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    Don't know how many others are affected by this, but I would like to make chatter every bit as "authoritative" as outlook and I'd like to be able to empty my trash just as well. Could "Deleted Items" simply be an exception to the rule that all deletes do into that folder on Exchange and allow a regular expunge which would remove the items?

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    I'll look into this, Sam.

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    I would also like to have the ability to clean out the deleted items folder on the Exchange server. After trying several different email solutions short of the Enterprise Server apps, this looks like the product for my company. I would love to see this feature added. We have a size limit on our employees mailboxes and several Treo users are constantly at that limit despite my attempts to get them to better manage their email. They like to have the ability to keep the deleted items folder clean while out on the road. Otherwise, they will be constantly calling me to do it for them. Is there a way to bypass the deleted items folder entirely and do a permanent delete? This can be done in Outlook with a shift + delete combination. Thanks for a great product!

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    TreoBud - I'm going to look at this issue today.

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    I'm new to Chatter and this forum, but after playing around last night I maye be able to speak to this issue.

    I'm using IMAP (not Exchange), but from my testing it seems that using the "X" in an actual message bypassed the Deleted items folder and simply purged that email from the Inbox on teh server and on the Treo.

    Basically I didn't telll chatter to copy deleted items anywhere at all initially... I left that entry unchecked in the settings. Then when I used the X the message was permanently deleted and I couldn't find it in any of my IMAP folders. It may indeed have been copied somewhere, but where I couldn't find.

    The danger with this is that all deletions become permanent, which is why I decided to go the other way and require that the user go onto the webmail account and purge deleted items on the server directly. I was just nervous about having such easy access to premanent deletion (it would be easy to miss the reply icon and hit delete by accident).

    At a larger level I too would like some way of making Chatter more authortative and less of a client in the relationship. To that end instuting changes on the Treo and then propogating them to the server (rather than the other way around) would be nice. In most instances a user will either be on one or the other (not both at the same time), and given the frequency of synchs I don't think there's a big risk of a change being instituted on the Treo and then having a different change also made on the server (but maybe I'm wrong for some reason).

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    junitas -

    To be on the safe side, you can check "move deleted messages to" in the Mailbox profile. It has an unexpected side effect though: (and following posts)

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    That's what I ended up doing... I had Chatter copy all deleted items to the IMAP Trash folder, INBOX.trash. My post above was just a discussion of my own experience with email deletion and a suggested workaround for the problem TreoBud asked about.

    Basically you only have two options with Chatter in its current form.

    Method 1: Server Only Deletion
    You can copy all deleted items to a specific folder (a la Trash) as you mentioned, in which case you can only do actual deletion from another mail client (either webmail, exchange, or some other "primary" client).

    Method 2: Direct Chatter Deletion
    You can leave the "copy deleted items..." option unchecked and not specify a folder for deleted items. In this case all deletions on the Treo become insta-deletions... I'm assuming what happens is that Chatter just kills the message, and that this change propogates to the server somehow. Of course since Chatter doesn't move the mail message to a folder unless specified, the message just kind of vanishes on the server side...

    Neither one is really preferable, but the latter at least solves the problem of people who are on the road and don't have access to a primary mail client they can use to purge their inbox. In a perfect world Chatter will incorporate a more authoritative server/client relationship and gain the ability to offer the ability to do things like purge the Trash.

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    This is somewhat relevant. It's basically a way forcing an "insta-delete" like you mentioned in your last post, overriding the "copy deleted items" feature:

    Quote Originally Posted by mblank (from the Chatter 1.0b17.1 release notes)

    The addition is a "Junk" command which is usable on folders which are specified to move deleted items to another folder (e.g. "Deleted Items"). Junk basically does the deletion, but skips the "move". I believe I've implemented it everywhere that's needed (including a "Junk Selected" command), but I'm sure you'll all let me know where I've gone wrong.
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    I have tried the junking feature, but it still doesn't clear out Deleted Items on the exchange side so they end up coming back into chatter.

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