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    I have never used a palm computer ever.. My visor will be my first. I heard that the notepad is limited to the size of your "notes" Is there something better for word processing that will synch up to my computer as a text file or better yet, a MS Word file? Any help appreciated.

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    I use a program called QED/QEX to take class notes that can be transferred to my PC in .txt format
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    Two programs come to mind:
    Documents to Go by or at PalmGear allows you to read both Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets. You can only read and not edit but you get most of the info without some of the complex formating. As long as you leave the word files resident on your desktop without changing folders..each time you sync your doc files will be updated automatically if you've made changes to them on your computer. To add files to the Visor simply drag and drop the file onto the Documents to Go icon on you computer and then sync.

    Aportis Docs also lets you read files but I know very little about it. I beleive you can find a link to it at

    Moose Man

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    There's a good website that has all kinds of info about text entry, document formats, etc. It's called "Writing On Your Palm" and its URL is

    Look for the section headed "Writing On Your Palm" in the lower-right corner of the home page.

    Take a look at Fitaly for fast data entry too -- I tried it and have now purchased it. I'm faster, but more importantly, way more accurate than I ever was with Graffiti.

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