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    It has been about a month and I still can not recieve any data from any palm or other treo. I can send out info fine but when I recieve a beam it says "DATA RECEIVED IN UNKNOWN FORMAT" please help because I need to get info from people and obviously can not....
    Thanks a lot as usual for your expertise
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    Any One Else Have This Problem? Do I Need To Delete Something To Make It Work Again?
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    I know on my T600, if I had the Portable Keyboard driver active, I could not received beamed data. Do you have anything like that turned on?
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    I do not think so, How could i tell? I do not have a portable keyboard and i did get rid of a lot of programs and nothing seems to help. could it be some other driver? where would i find them...using filez?
    thanks a lot any other ideas aare most appreciated
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    Do you use a program called "DualDate"? has an FAQ about the error you descirbe that is associated with this app.
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    My fault...the information is in the Support Knowledge Library
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    I will check it out thanks, but i do not have that program.
    i wonder if it could be anything else, this is really quite frustrating.
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    Did you upgrade from another Treo or PalmOS device? I'm wondering if you have a file from a different device that got copied over from synching.

    Can any of you developers provide a list of the files that are involved in receiving a beam?
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    i do not think i have any of those programs i do have many programs but none that were so forth mentioned. oh well i guess i will have to see what the other people say
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    lots of deleting and still no luck

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