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    What is the best Bluetooth headset for Treo 650/

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    Try doing a search on the forums. Or check the bluetooth forum. This is probably the best response you will get since it has been discussed about a zillion times already.
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    Might have been discussed in many other threads, but nobody has posted a high satisfaction review of any BT headset. I am still hoping someone will post.
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    He's my 2 cents on Bluetooth and the 650 in regards to Headfones
    by the way love it for synching and beaming files.

    The Jabra Unconfertable Static on both sides of a call.

    Plantronics M2500 ( Laptop Magazines best pick)
    Crystal clear on my end Terrible sound to the caller.

    Just got the Motorola HS850 from a friend overseas
    Sound quality is great on both ends mine & who I'm calling.
    This looks like a keeper...

    The guy with the Volume problem was probably wearing wrong as my brother did when he tried mine It should fix snug against the ear.

    Not sure if mine is different from the us version though Mine
    came with an adapt

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