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    650 as TV/powerpoint remote.
    any ideas?
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    On a Mac, use Sailing Clicker and BT for a remote (PPT or the like). As far as TV, the IR port on Treos is anemic and underpowered. You can get add on apps that will issue appropriate IR codes for TV but you need to stand right up in front of the set.
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    OmniRemote has been around forever.

    Also a PalmGear page on it.
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    Yeah, remember that old, I think it was P1 commercial of the guy and the girl looking through the glass of their subway trains at each other, that were about to travel in opposite direction, so the guy or the girl beams their number to the other one. (That's impossible in a Treo)
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    I use NoviiRemote which is prefectly easy to use.
    It has some built in VCR, TV and other remotes bundled as standard palm .prc or .pdb files. You press setup to record the codes from your old
    remote with your treo. When, in recording mode, it receives some IR code it says beep. Which makes its use intuitive. Don't press your old remote button twice or P+ will increase two channels when you switch it to opertational mode instead of one. (You only get one beep in recording mode.)

    Buttons become colored when programmed.

    It works for me, on my treo 600, up to 4 meters from my TV. It looks like you have to aim better than with a normal remote.

    I used another app on my old treo 270 and think I only got up to 2.5 meters there. Maybe the battery charge level also matters in this respect...

    Only drawback is that sometimes NoviiRemote still crashes sometimes when sending IR its signals. I have to de a hard reset than on the treo 600.

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    4 freak meter? I had to get within 2 meter...what did you do buddy?
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    For anyone who has NoviiRemote, does your screen cut some of the remote off? I cant see the channel down, or anything else thats down their. I have to get like 3-4 feet to control the tv.

    I wonder if someone makes an ir booster that I could place on my table to boost the signal to the tv.

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