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    How do I enable the hi-res icons in the latest build? I don't see much difference on my 650.

    Also, will there be a way to utilize smaller fonts with the new 650 resolution?

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    Oops. I guess I meant to say that the application icons are now hi-res. The internal ones are not at the moment. Sorry.


    p.s. I have no plans for a smaller font at the moment; how would you find them useful?
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    Thanks Marc.
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    With the new resolution(320x320) on the 650 being 4x that of the 600, smaller fonts are very easily readible while allowing a lot more text on the screen. The Versamail app supports this and it is really handy when reading a fairly long email. Too bad versamail sucks compared to Chatter. Chatter would be darn near perfect if it had the four selectable font sizes like VersaMail does!
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    I agree!!! Please Marc! Include support for small fonts! I love it in VersaMail and as stated, Versamail sucks compared to Chatter!!
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    I'm looking at it; there are a couple of technical issues I need to explore.


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