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    For all of you who have had problems with Ultrasoft money causing a reset loop, they have posted a fix.

    If you login to their site and download the latest version, the reset problem will be fixed.

    I installed it and it works great.

    --Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.
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    solid as a rock! try it out.
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    I logged onto the site, and can see that the most current revision is 4.2, however when I follow the link to get the most current update, it lists 4.1.1? Is the version on the website updates & downloads not labeled properly? I am obviously a bit scared of the neverending reset loop coming back.
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    Also, the file to be downloaded is indicated as pomo41.exe

    Doesn't look to safe to me right yet......
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    Don't go to "Updates and Fixes", which links you to a 5MB v4.1.1 file. They may not have finished updating their website yet. Go to "Downloads" and download the 7.36MB file. If you want to be double sure, just check your Palm install folder before you sync. All the files are dated 12-1-04.
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    THANKS. I found the file you reference and am synchronizing now. Hope this works....
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    I synced up, downloaded Money data and then did the big test - a manual soft reset. No looping resets, still stable
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    Also, the Ultrasoft Money guys said that you shouldn't need to install the Versamail fonts option. That file is already in ROM on the 650. The less conflicts, the better

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