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    This picture was taken with my 600 last February. I beamed it to the 650, and I'm showing them side by side. The picture quality of images taken with the 600 but shown on the 650's screen is amazing.

    I'm not sure the picture I took with my Kodak does the side by side justice. It's really terrific.

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    I've noticed the same thing. That new display is gorgeous. Also, I think the 650's expanded color range is as significant as the increase in resolution.
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    Noticed same thing.
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    I bet it looks even better when you're holding both of em'
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
    I bet it looks even better when you're holding both of em'
    I have been pretty impressed by 650 quality. Attached is a picture I took during my outside home decoration
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    they are aamazing i cant wait to get my hands on one now. good to see some people are getting into the christmas spirit. That looks fab kirkeric did you do it your self
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