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    Anyone know the timetable for Blackberry service on the 650? With all of the RIM/PalmOne/Sprint licensing agreements this year, combined with the Blackberry Connect service to be imminently launched and the aftermarket edition of the data access and e-mail client, BB push e-mail on the 650 ought to be just around the corner. Also, anyone know if the 650 has BB enterprise server connectivity built-in or will we need to download the aftermarket client?
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    Don't know the answer to the BB question, but GoodLink is supposed to be compatible with the 650. Our NetOps people have downloaded the new version from Good, and say it's working fine. We also run our Blackberries off the same Good server as the Treo's.
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    My company uses a blackberry exchange server, but I'm already getting push mail to my Treo through Sprint's Business Connection. I've used BC on my "phones" before, but I was amazed at how functional it was on the new Treo!!

    The only trick for me is I'm one of those employee types that uses offline folders on my laptop. So all I did was configure another machine in the office and set it up with BC. Then I logged the outlook client into my exchange server and voila (sp?) - push email. When I'm in I download my mail to my laptops off-line folder, but when I'm out I get all my messages pushed to me from BC. It also lets you set up two additional accounts (POP or IMAP) and I just learned today that those push to you also.

    I'm in push heaven!
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    At the Chicago Roadshow they gave no guarantees but said they were shooting for Jan. Maybe in sync with GSM release?
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    I sent an e-mail to RIM inquiring about beta testing Blackberry Connect for my T650 and got the following response:

    "Thank you for your email.

    We currently do not have an open beta for our BlackBerry Connect devices.
    Please inquire with your current sales representative to discuss on how to
    get on future beta tests.

    Thank you for using BlackBerry online support."
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    I jiust posted something simiar in the communicaions threads. check out this link, they have an actual schreenshot of Blackberry Connect on a palm device.

    It says is avaialble for Palm Garnet and Coablt OS. But the email i got back from them was not very helpful. The body is as follows:

    The BlackBerry Connect program has been created to allow devices from other manufacturers to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Web Client. Please see the following link for related press releases and additional product information:

    You may wish to contact Palm to determine which cellular service provider's plan on deploying their PDAs with BlackBerry connectivity through and when they plan on doing this.
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    What info do you need from your work email IT dept to use the sprint business connection? My co. IT guys don't like to share much info.
    Mike G

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    Sprint Business Connection will require a link outside the firewall that you IT department probably won't go for.
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    This is the response I got form my firm's Network Manager in response to my request to try and get on a beta program for Blackberry Connect for my T650:

    "I was at a Blackberry seminar yesterday and inquired about this. The RIM rep said that Treo 650 support is a "long way off" due to contract negotiations."
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    A Regional Manager at P1 told me mid-2005.

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