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    I develop financial software for Windows. I also have a small Java version that I would like to port to the Treo 650. I've been all over the net looking to see what I need to develop this. What I need is a bare minimum list of the tools I need to port a Java program to the 650.
    I downloaded the PalmSource Developer Suite but Java doesn't show up on the Projects List.
    If there is a simple list of tools to do this could anyone out there list them for me?
    Second but not as important my company uses a small C program to generate codes to send to customers. How hard would that be to port for my personal use.

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    Have you uncovered anything regardless of the lack of replies? I'm a .NET developer who's looking to get into developing some apps for my new Treo 650. From what I gather, there's not a Mono-like project for making .NET Framework apps work on non Windows OS' so I guess I'll get into J2ME... shouldn't be hard, C# is similar to Java.

    Just kinda hard finding that "here's where you start".
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    Hey folks, J2ME is NOT the same jdk that you run for J2SE or J2EE.

    The class library is *way* different. A standard simple java class withe a main() will not run in J2ME. That's not to say that J2ME is hard but it is different.

    There are versions of class libraries compatible with J2SE for Palm but they are *non-standard*

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